John A. Coughlin

John Coughlin (1885 – 1943) was an American Impressionist & Modern painter.

In 1900 at the age of fiteen John took a two-year course at the University of Notre Dame, which is 80 miles east of Chicago. The school was serviced by eight different railroad lines from Chicago. Along with regular business training, he also took classes in drawing and painting from Jobson Emilien Paradis, who had studied in Paris with Gerome. In 1902 John was awarded a commercial diploma.

In 1903 he began to study at the Art Institute of Chicago, where he completed his studies in 1906. After which he worked in advertising that was printed in Chicago publications.

In 1912 he moved to New York City to open an art studio at 880 West 181st Street in the Washington Heights section of Upper Manhattan. In 1913 he painted his first pulp cover assignment for Street & Smith’s The Popular Magazine. That same year he also painted covers for Harper’s Weekly.

Read more via Pulp Artists

When creating a blog for Dime Mystery I shared some artworks from this artist but I had not yet create a separate page. Coughlin also created covers for Terror Tales, Horror Stories and some others. See a nice collection below.

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