Der Orchideengarten

Founded four years before the American magazine Weird Tales was initiated in March 1923, Der Orchideengarten is considered to be the first fantasy magazine

Der Orchideengarten ran for 51 issues from 1919 to 1921; the editors were Hans Strobl and Alfons von Czibulka, and the contents comprised original fiction, book reviews and reprints in German of notable works of weird literature. The magazine included a wide selection of new and reprinted stories by both German-language and foreign writers. The main source of the translated material Der Orchideengarteen published was French literature.

Illustrations included reproductions of medieval woodcuts and pictures by Gustave Dore and Tony Johannot, as well as contemporary artists such as Rolf von Hoerschelmann, Otto Linnekogel, Karl Ritter, Heinrich Kley, Alfred Kubin, Eric Godal, Carl Rabus, Otto Nückel and Max Schenke.

Source Wikipedia
Be sure to browse the collection via the Heidelberg University Library when this magazine interests you.

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