John Walter Scott

John Walter Scott (1907 – 1987) was an American artist who began studying art at the age of 15 from the La France Art Institute. He had a love for art and was inspired to share his knowledge through mentoring fellow artists.

He began his career as an illustrator at the age of 23 and by the age of 25 many of his illustrations were appearing in Nationwide Magazines such as the Best Western, Real Sports, Uncanny Tales and Street & Smith’s Wild West Weekly.

Scott was known for his vibrant abstract pieces, and his art is displayed throughout many prominent locations. One of these such locations includes his alma matter and a place he spent several years teaching, Xavier University of Louisiana. 

He worked as a freelance illustrator drawing pulp covers and working for magazines such as This Week, True, Sports Field, and Woman’s Day.

His works have also been featured at The New Orleans Museum of Art and The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, among many other notable places. Scott was awarded the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in 1992, and his works have received much praise over the years.

Read more about this artist via Pulp Artists

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