Rudolph Belarski

Rudolph Belarski (1900 – 1983) was an American graphic artist known for his cover art depicting aerial combat for magazines such as Wings, Dare Devil Aces, and War Birds. He also dre.w science fiction covers for Argosy in the 1930s and covers for mystery and detective novels.

Belarski was born in Dupont, Pennsylvania, a mining town, to immigrant parents from Galicia.
At the age of 12, he was legally allowed to quit school to work in the coal mines where he spent ten years of his life. During that time he took mail-order art classes at night from International Correspondence School. In 1922, he moved to New York City and studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn from which he graduated in 1926. From 1928 to 1933, Belarski taught at Pratt Institute.
Upon ending his five years teaching at Pratt Institute, he first began working at Dell Publishing doing covers and interiors of the adventure pulps.

Ending his two-year tenure at Dell Publishing, Belarski started painting pulp covers at Thrilling Publications/Standard Publications in 1935 and became one Ned Pines’ top artists.
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